Executive Director - Elige Jones


Board Chairperson- Bill Smith

Management Team

  • Mrs. Emma Prince, Assistant Executive Director/Internal Auditor
  • Ms. Arnita Diamond, Special Projects/Public Relations Coordinator
  • Ms. Kevin Allen, Executive Secretary
  • Mrs. Yolanda Wheeler, Acting Fiscal Manager
  • Mrs. Janet Buckley, Director, Head Start
  • Mr. Paul Clausell, IT/Compliance Officer
  • Mrs Julia James, Administrative Asst., Head Start
  • Mrs. Linda Marshall, Community Services Manager
  • Mr. Harry McGadney, Website/Housing/Inventory Coordinator
  • Mr. Angelo Miller, Human Resources Manager
  • Mr. Tim Reed, Operations Coordinator, Community Services 
  • Mr. Tracy Rhodes, Facilities/Weatherization Coordinator
  • Ms. LaKeisha Williams, Administrative Asst., Community Services

Board of Directors


  • Chairperson--Mr. Bill Smith
  • Vice Chairperson— Dr. Freda Henderson
  • Secretary—Mrs. Hazel Fournier
  • Treasurer—Mrs. Catherine Ward    
Public Sector Representatives

  •  Mr. Gerald Alfred--Mayor's Office, City of Prichard
  •  Ms. Mamie Allen—City of Citronelle
  •  Mrs Shayla Beaco-Mayor's Office City of Mobile
  •  Mrs. ReMigia Coleman—Mobile Co. Dept of Human Resources
  •  Honorable Ossia Edwards—Prichard City Council
  •  Mrs. Hazel Fournier—Mobile County Public Schools
  •  Honorable Jeanette McGaskill—Town of Mt. Vernon
  •  Mr. Bill Smith-Mobile County Commission

Low Income Sector Representatives

  • Mrs. Edna Brown--Mt. Vernon Area V
  • Reverend  Richmond Chaney—Washington County
  • Reverend Mildred Horn—Wilmer Area VI 
  • Mrs. Velma Maharaj—Hillsdale Area VI 
  • Mrs. Bernadette Rothschild-- Maysville Area III
  • Ms. Ashley Tolbert—South Mobile County
  • Mrs. Eva W. Thompson—Citronelle Area V
  • Mrs. Catherine Ward—Prichard Area IV

Private Sector Representatives

  • Mrs. Leevones Fisher—Bay Area Coalition for Women
  • Dr. James Gordon—Alabama Pain & Injury Clinic
  • Mr. Willie Gray, Publisher, Call News
  • Dr. Freda Henderson—Mt. Vernon Ministerial Alliance
  • Mrs. Pandel Carter—MCA Head Start Policy Council
  • Mr. George Levins—Regions Bank
  • Reverend. James Marshall—Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance
  • Mrs. Michelle Parson—Mobile Area Education Foundation
  • Mr. Bo White—PNC Bank